Sunday, 13 September 2009

Courgette Crazy!

Wow, that is some lovely weather we've been having the last few days! I do think September can be a great month (and not just because it's the month of my birthday!) and days like this make the onset of autumn a lot more bearable. There have been some lovely sunsets but of course I have not had my camera handy to capture them. I think I need to permanently have it hanging round my neck and take it off only to shower and sleep - it's the only way I'll remember to use it!

I had a busy, but enjoyable, week at work; it was pretty non-stop, so it was a nice finale to be taken for a meal by my good friend A on Friday evening. I'm not sure how we actually managed to consume any food, we were talking so much!

I've been cooking quite a bit and actually had some baking success with a banana loaf cake that amazingly turned out just like it was supposed to! I have also been working my way through a glut of courgettes because they were on offer - putting them in everything from pasta to frittata to fritters! And I'm not sick of them yet!
Only a couple of cards made in between all this culinary cavorting - a final card for my Reuse and Recycle class:

It really has been like pulling teeth, trying to get these cards made! I was under pressure to use the bottle caps that people have been saving for me, but my original idea to fill them with Glossy Accents and seed beads failed miserably :o( The Starbucks coffee cup cozy has made another appearance and I'm liking the lined paper, but am not filled with confidence about the class as a whole. Well, it's on Wednesday, so we shall see what happens...

This one I'm liking a lot more:

The toppers were given to me by my crafting friend V, printed off from a CD by Polka Doodles and I really enjoyed using them. The greeting is from Craftwork Cards, the papers were scraps from my stash. Quite a fresh and funky look I think.

OK, that's it for now. I'm peckish, so I'm off to make something out of my remaining courgettes and hope I don't turn into one!

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