Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year everyone! I've realised that I was a very bad blogger last year, with fewer posts than previous years, so I am determined to keep a better record of my crafty life during the next twelve months!

It's hard to believe that Christmas and New Year are now over, after all the build-up. I had a nice, quiet time, although I was plagued by two lurgies, one after the other, during the festive season. Even though my appetite and energy levels were affected, they didn't prevent me from enjoying my Christmas dinner and I only spent one day in bed, resting. What felt weirdest was the extreme lack of crafting! I was absolutely itching to get back to it and I begin this year with a great sense of optimism about my Crafty Mushroom business. I intend to work harder on it than ever before!!!

Several of my Christmas gifts had a distinctly "owly" theme:

I have a cushion, a diary, two wee hanging decorations and a not-as-yet-filled doorstop! Fab!

Owls are going to be around a lot in my crafting this year. These Vally Day tags are a start:

Before Christmas I was busy with orders, including a first for Crafty Mushroom - a wedding keepsake box!

It was a challenge, as I wanted to keep to an elegant "less is more" concept, but, with the addition of a hand-drawn and paper-pieced wedding cake, the end result was, I am assured, enough to bring tears to the eyes of the bride-to-be! For the right reasons, I hope!!!!

Himself's sister and her boyfriend announced their engagement at the new year, so I made a personalised card for them:

And finally, a couple of calendars, also personalised, that I was asked to make:

I think personalising is going to be big this year, so I've decide that any of my cards in my shops can have names added if required.  Stocks are a bit low though, I notice. I'd better get filling up those shelves again!

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misteejay said...

Hope you are now well on the mend.

Love all your owls.

Your makes are great and I can see you are going to be very busy this year.

Happy New Year Debbie.

Toni xx