Thursday, 20 December 2012

Final Preparations

Well, I think I'm as ready for Crimble as I'll ever be! 99% of cards and presents have been given out, a few threadbare decorations are up and all pre-Christmas papercraft orders are completed! (Will show pics after the festive period) 

I have unfortunately, like a lot of other people, been suffering with a yucky lurgy this last week or so. It's left  me with a smaller-than-usual appetite so I hope it recovers sufficiently for me to enjoy a couple of nights out that are coming up, and of course, the big day itself!!

I have been nibbling bits here and there, including a few bites of this giant pretzel that we just had to have when we visited Edinburgh's festive German Market last weekend:

I didn't manage any pics of the market itself as it's always popular and there were about 3005 people packed into every square inch of space so there wasn't room to move let alone start taking snaps!

I did, however, grab a quick sneaky pic of the festive lights and tree in Jenner's department store:

It was nice to be able to appreciate them without needing to be one of the frantic Christmas shoppers that were milling all around us!!

Today I have been doing my final bits and pieces, dropping pressies off and meeting with a friend for a bit of this:

I'm not sure how much crafting I'll be doing or if I'll manage another blog post before Christmas, so, just in case, I'd like to wish you all a lovely Christmas and thank you for all your support this year, hope you'll stick with me into the next!

Byeee! xxx


misteejay said...

Debbie that tree and lights are fabulous.

Thank you for your lovely comments but I can assure you I'm a long way from being it really only 4 days away...panic!

Hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy your festive celebrations.

Toni xx

Allison said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Debbie

The-crafty-corner said...

Happy Christmas Debbie :) I hope you feel brighter for the big day,i think that we crafters deserve a break after all our cutting and sticking ! I hope your Crimbo is a good one and that Santa is kind ! :) xx

famfa said...

Lovely post. Hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for your support and comments throughout the year. Greatly appreciated. You are a lovely bloggy friend
Merry Christmas