Friday, 14 December 2012

Shrinking and Worrying!

Hello, I hope you're all ready for Christmas! I'm getting there. My shopping is pretty much done, my cards are at the posting stage...but I've not put my tree or decorations up yet! Shame on me! I'm never in a rush to do this but this is the latest I've ever left it! My tree is only three feet tall as well! There's really no excuse....

Craftwise I've been experimenting with that childhood favourite, shrink plastic. I'm hoping to use my designs to make keyrings and bag charms and the like. This was my first attempt:

There's a bit of fine-tuning required, I need to find the best way of colouring them and the marker I used for the outline has bled slightly onto the colour.  But I shall keep trying!

And for the new year I'm thinking of resurrecting my "Worry Book" idea. I used my little characters on an address book I decorated for my dad, but I'm thinking that the worry books might catch on! The ancient Mayans believed if you wrote your anxieties down in a tome adorned with little dolls they would do the worrying for you and take your troubles away!

Do you think these chaps look nervous enough to do the job??


Teresa Connolly said...

I like your key ring its cute a good idea and your characters.


Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

I like the idea of your worry book, I could certainly get used to the idea of little dolls taking care of my worries to leave me free and happy!

Thank you for your message on my blog. Do hope you have a lovely Christmas too, and that your nasty bug is fully gone by the big day.