Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fab Days

Some days can really be lovely and leave you feeling that you have lots to be grateful for. Yesterday was made fab by the fact that A) I finally sought help for a sinus infection that has been plaguing me for the past few weeks - the pharmacist gave me some strong decongestant tablets and they've worked wonders, my appetite is back and I have energy again! B) I bought a cute dress to wear to the wedding of Himself's sister  C) I had a yummy cream tea with my mum and D) I did some cooking for the first time in ages and made Quorn Tikka skewers - tasty!

Today has so far been made delightful by the fact that A) I've done ALL my housework - and I mean all, the house is sparkling! B) I received a parcel from a lovely regular customer containing a fab selection of scrapbooking card and papers from her own stash, as well as a pretty notecard:

and C) This cute lump-under-the-duvet made me smile - it's a naughty habit someone's got into, look at all the hair I'm going to have to vacuum up!

Now I'm hoping to have a productive wee crafting session, that would make my day complete!


Allison said...

glad your sinus problem is getting better and yummy looking food

Elfcrafts said...

Hi Debbie, glad to hear you are feeling better, sinus trouble it terrible. Sounds like you had a greta day and your food looks yummy. So glad I found you via my fb page, looking forward to reading more of your blog posts. Em x