Thursday, 17 January 2013

Feeling The Chill

Brrr! How are you all coping with this super-chilly weather? I am getting through the days by drinking lots of tea and holding/wearing every heatable item I possess! (That would be hot water bottle, microwaveable slippers and those gel-filled hand warming things!) In an effort to ignore the chill my crafting has been very much focussed on spring-themed items this week!



Birds again

Elsewhere I am slowly getting back into cooking again. Trying to eat a bit more healthily and mindfully (although that doesn't count the 7800 biscuits I've just polished off!) and really make the most of being a vegetarian. Tonight I'm planning to make Roasted Squash with feta, mint and chilli

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Over Christmas when I was ill I did almost lapse into eating meat (because my appetite went haywire and I went off all the things I usually enjoy) but that phase has passed and I am looking forward to my fifth year as a veggie! 

Wrap up warm and have a great weekend!

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L-A said...

Very nice cards. Yes, freeeezing. My heating has been on far too much, dreading the bill !