Monday, 3 September 2012

Fireworky Fabulousness!

What has been going on in Mushroom World since I saw you last? Well, I've been making truffles:

Himself and I have been eating Chinese food at The Imperial Palace, where we had some relatively normal dishes (just take a look at some of the food available on their Traditional Chinese menu -erk! It's enough to turn you vegetarian! Oh, I am one already - phew!!) My veg chow mein was very tasty and the leftovers were even more delish next day!

We've been visiting the Botanic Gardens where I took some pics to capture some late summer colour:

The sky looks ominous here, but two seconds later it was like this:

And we coffee'd at the new Earthy restaurant/shop...

...before heading in the evening to a hill on the golf course where Himself plays, to watch the end-of-festival fireworks bursting from Edinburgh Castle.  No photos of this, unfortunately, but we did have A) the place to ourselves B)our very own bench to sit on, C) friendly bats circling overhead - I love bats! and D) a lovely full moon to light the way back!  What we were lacking was A) a cosy blanket for the old knees B) a flask of coffee and C) gloves and hat - it was a tad chilly, brrr! 

All in all, a very pleasant weekend!!

And I've been working on cards featuring my new bunny 'n bear characters:

I'll be able to show the finished cards very soon!

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misteejay said...

Those chocs look fab mmmmmmmmmm

Sounds like you have been having a lovely time out & about.

I love your bunny & bear characters - they are so cute.

Toni xx19