Monday, 10 September 2012

Childcare?? Arggh!

Another week has just flown by?? I don't believe it!!! 

Himself and I had to babysit his nephews for a little while at the weekend; it wasn't really planned, so we were a bit nervous as we don't have much experience with looking after babies and toddlers, but we took them for a walk and to a local cafe for a cupcake, and H even got to grips with the changing-of-the-nappy, although I steered clear of that one, hee hee!  The boys were extremely well-behaved, for which we will be eternally grateful; the baby only cried a little bit in the cafe and was soon placated, phew! And the toddler is wise beyond his years so was able to keep us right! I don't know many three-year-olds who come out with the word Pistachio when talking about ice cream flavours!!

Talking of babies, I completed an order for two cards that are to be given to little girls who are a few months old, rather than new-born.  

I just need to come up with a little boy version now! Any suggestions of animals/themes that little boys like? As I said, I'm not very up on anything to do with children!!

I also completed a set of notecards for the same order:

It was nice to use these fresh, bright colours as the last days of summer slip by!

Have a good week, I've a busy one ahead!


Allison said...

sooo cute

misteejay said...

Lovely fresh colours on the note cards.

Could you not use the bear and the bunny again but in a blue colourway?

Toni xx

famfa said...

My five year old said monkeys , frogs and fish. Hope that helps. Beautiful work as always x