Monday, 17 September 2012

Scrap Levels Critical!!

As you know, I am always looking for ways to use up the unhealthy amount of paper scraps that I amass from day to day. The levels were starting to become critical so when a friend recently asked me to make her some notecards I was determined that this project should contribute to my scrap-usage quota.

I had difficulty coming up with a design but a quick browse online allowed me to put together these cards, inspired by various others I'd seen...

If I make loads of these, my scraps levels should diminish drastically!!

And for someone who doesn't really "do" Halloween, I couldn't resist creating these owl gift tags!

Hope you all had a good weekend.  Himself and I overindulged food-wise on Saturday night (a tortilla made with feta, sweet potato and mushrooms - yum! - followed by carrot cake - smlurmp!) so we had to go on a six-mile hike the next morning to burn it off! 

Happy crafting, see you soon!


Jumbleberries said...

Love those little notepads Debbie, they are sooo pretty.

Six mile hike - are you mad? Hahaha.

Jumbleberries xx

misteejay said...

Those note cards are so pretty Debbie and I love the tags.

Toni xx

The-crafty-corner said...

Aw Debbie-you and your little scrap mountain !!I have to say you have certainly put them to very good use here though,these are lovely :) x

Debbie said...

Thank you for your nice comments, ladies! :) x

Vic at Blossom and Snowflakes said...

Ooh, those notecards are lovely! And the owl tags. Amazing what you can do with scraps of paper!