Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Goodness, I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted! I must apologise for neglecting my blog.  The days pass so quickly and there seem to be so many other things to attend to. My attention has been very much drawn to the passing of time at the moment, as I have been helping my parents to sort out a humungous  collection of old family photos, many of which feature people who are no longer with us (and more than a few which feature me sporting unspeakable permed hair"styles"!). I love these trips down memory lane although the task is tinged with sadness for those that have been and gone.  It makes me determined to achieve as much as I can while I'm still around because time speeds by so quickly and before we know it, it's curtains!!

Whew, sorry about that, just slipping into a serious frame of mind there! Don't want to depress everyone! I'm glad to say I've enjoyed my week, which is perhaps why it's rushed by so quickly.  On Saturday my Dad and I attended a craft fair; I had a few sales so was happy enough because fairs can be so hit and miss.  Sunday was spent gorging oneself with food at Himself's parents' house at a big family get-together, and yesterday H and I worked off some of those extra pounds swimming lengths at the newly-reopened Commonwealth Pool! Being out-of-practice, I think we were even holding up people in the slow lane but we managed 20 lengths each and were quite proud of that! My legs were like jelly for the rest of the evening but I would definitely go again.

Well, after all that, what have I been up to craft-wise?  I finished a card order which included three wedding cards:

And I decided it was time for some new owls- this time in Halloween colours!

I love using that selection of colours!

Now I'm set to begin another card order and start thinking about products for Christmas.  Yes, I hate to use that word but it has to be done!!

I'll try not to leave it so long before I'm back again!!


Angeluskat said... the cards.

The-crafty-corner said...

Hi Debbie-Those cards are fabby !
I wouldn't worry about not Blogging as often as you would like-as you say life is for living,getting out and enjoying yourself should be your priority-the Blogging should be squeezed inbetween :)
You are right about photographs-they can transport you back to a place in time as if it were yesterday(and i too have a "very" embarrasing photo taken with a dinghy and a dodgy perm tee hee!!
Happy day xx