Thursday, 2 August 2012

Scraps Getting Smaller...

Another week is flying by here at Mushroom HQ.  I have been beavering away in the craft room, making the most of my shiny new printer (yay!) and creating lots of different things.

I'm getting really into making oval embellishments which can then be used as card toppers or gift tags, depending on your "fancy"!

I've even tried some Halloween ones, although, as a rule, I'm not really into making things for Halloween.  Here's a sneak peek:

And I've been having fun trying out a new product - glass nugget magnets!

It's a great way to use up the tiniest paper scraps in my collection! But now I'm left with scraps smaller than amoebas! What will I do with those???


Allison said...

they are all so cute Debbis
Have a great weekend

misteejay said...

What a sweet collection and those magnets at super.

Toni xx

The-crafty-corner said...

Ah Debbie those little scraps !!don't they just drive you bonkers? too good to throw away ,too teeny to make anything from...paper mache perhaps ? tee hee!!
Very pretty collection you have made there :) x