Sunday, 29 July 2012

Still Going (Just!)

I seem to have spent much of the last week and most of this weekend dealing with a seemingly never-ending stream of technical problems, but thanks to Himself and a couple of hugely long phone calls to IT-type people, all seems to be behaving itself AT THE MOMENT!!!! *crosses fingers, toes, eyes, ears, etc* I've even got myself a shiny new printer which I haven't done much playing with yet. 

At least during the lull in technology-useage I was able to keep making things and I have now added round tags and oval embellishments to the Crafty Mushroom line:

I plan to spend the next few weeks restocking my Etsy shop, which has been sadly neglected.  And I'm even considering bringing in *whisper* Christmas products, but I'll wait until the beginning of August for that!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Poor Himself has gone for a lie-down in a darkened room after all the technology stress.  I'm going to get as much work done as I can while it's all behaving!!!


misteejay said...

Wow, fab collection of tags. Those apples and pears look such fun - love the colours.

Toni xx

Jumbleberries said...

Glad to hear your techno problems are over. Love the new tags, especially the apple trees.

Jumbleberries xx

famfa said...

Yay - sorted. Well done. What did we do before all this technology? I can't cope even for a while when it goes wro. Makes me mad! Love the tags. Super x