Sunday, 15 July 2012

Miracles May Never Cease!

Yesterday the sun shone and there was blue sky for approx .00000025679 of a second; luckily, Himself and I were able to take advantage of this miracle by dashing to South Queensferry, where yet another phenomenon occurred - the Forth Rail Bridge didn't have any scaffolding covering and disfiguring it for about the first time since 1899!! (or thereabouts) So excited was I by these two sensational occurrences, I had to whip my camera out and capture the occasion for posterity!

We took a walk along the coast until the rain began again in earnest, and then dived into The Rail Bridge for a spot of tiffin, whereupon Himself's lip, which had been pierced by the proboscis of some pesky biting insect, swelled to fifty times the size, giving him a whopper of a trout pout! Luckily, the effect was only temporary.

Today we ventured forth like idiots into the rain once again; this time our destination was Polkemmet Country Park, where we took a very pleasant woodland walk and investigated a rather large sculpture called The Horn.

This monstrosity is visible when driving along the adjacent motorway and I've always assumed it served some important purpose.  But it doesn't.  It's just a large horn.  Note the murky sky, a downpour was just beginning.  We cut short our day of adventure to race home and eat sushi, which, as always, was a fantabulous experience!

All this gallavanting has meant a dearth of crafting, but I have managed to fulfill a commission - a baby girl card and an engagement card for a lady who only a week ago ordered a baby girl card and an engagement card! Her friends have obviously been very busy!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope a fab crafty week lies ahead for all!


misteejay said...

Love the cards Debbie.

You were very lucky with the weather yesterday - down here the rain fell as if there was no tomorrow - in places a boat would have been more effective than a car.

Today has been dry but very uncertain with dark clouds rolling in off and on - oh how I wish for some decent Summer weather.

Toni xx

Anonymous said...

Not that I wish to be pedantic, but I think you'll find that the sun shone for 0.00000025678 seconds that day. ;-)

Lovely cards, as per usual.