Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Custom Crafting!

I've finished a couple of projects this week, one being the big card order and the other being mini clipboards, inspired by suggestions from my readers!

Chipboard squares + patterned paper scraps + ribbon = Yay!! :)

I've also been designing a flyer so that I can have something to hand out at craft fairs, etc, which lets people know what I do.  It's not always easy to get across the fact that my standard range of cards can be personalised or that I welcome custom orders, so hopefully my flyer will explain that!

Recently I've been making quite a few cards to specifically suit people:

For my cousin who's a scout and has spent most of the summer camping!

For a friend's hubby who is always in charge of the barbecue at get-togethers!

And for another friend who loves birdwatching and had recently been on a trip to the Bass Rock where there were loads of gannets nesting with their chicks!

I love making custom cards; it's always a challenge but so rewarding!

Back soon with some new Christmas embellishments!


misteejay said...

Those cards are super Debbie and I just love the clipboards.

Toni xx

famfa said...

Gorgeous. You are very clever. Flier is a good idea.

Mrs Jones said...

I hate to say it, but those sweet little boards with paper look like good stocking fillers!

Allison said...

what fab projects Debbie

The-crafty-corner said...

Hi Debbie-Mini clipboards/post it holders look great :)I bet they sell well at the craft fair-and your cards are as lovely as ever :) x

Paint Pots and Petals said...

Oh wow, was I inspiration?? yay of course you have taken it to a whole new level, they look soo scrummy. xx