Friday, 6 January 2012

A Windy Week!

Hello everyone, I hope you didn't blow away in those horrible gales.  Fingers crossed, I think Mushroom Cottage got off lightly although I have some dodgy-looking wet patches on my kitchen ceiling again! :(

It's been a pleasant week despite the weather.  I completed and sold my big card order yesterday and I also purged my wardrobe which felt REALLY good! There's nothing like a clear-out to freshen the mind!  Of course it means I've made room for new stuff but as I'm not an impulse buyer it will probably take a while to fill up again!

Card-wise, I came up with a design that I think would be suitable for Easter, Mother's Day, birthdays or general Thinking of You greetings!

And my Little Owls have turned all Valentines Day!

I have a full day of crafting planned for today - and it's 11.00 already so I'd better get started!

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Allison said...

Happy New Year and hope your ceiling is ok
lovely card and such cute owls