Monday, 16 January 2012

Non-Frozen Freezer

Bwurrr, there's a fair nip in the air round these parts at the mo! Apart from in my freezer, which malfunctioned yesterday, thawing all my Quorn products and the batch-cooked veggie casseroles I'd been keeping for those can't-be-bothered-to-cook days. Bah!  The freezer seems to be working now and at least there weren't any expensive cuts of meat in it, but I hate waste of any kind, sob.  I would have been better to store all my food outside, no chance of it melting out there!!!

I've been getting really into Pinterest; I'm verging on addicted, in fact, and at the end of last week I made these yummy Peanut Butter Cup Brownies after finding the recipe during a random pin-browse.  There seem to be a lot of recipes on there which involve peanut butter.  This I like!!


There are more cakey things adorning this set of Valentine's notepads that is currently in my Folksy shop:

Getting hungry yet???


misteejay said...

Sorry to hear of your problems with the freezer - right pain when things like that happen.

Love the look of your cakes - the real and the crafty ones.

Toni xx

Jumbleberries said...

Love the cake inspired notebooks.

Jumbleberries xx