Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Productive Day

Last night I decided to go with the mini paper piecings and made some embellishments which can then be used to make mini cards, gift tags or bookmarks...

And, yes, the original designs were made using teeny tiny bits of paper! I'm sure making them brought on a bout of severe eye strain!!

And, continuing with the doggy theme, I've created some bookmarks and gift tags:

Normally I have something tasty to nibble at my craft desk but I'm trying to be a bit healthy at the moment so there are no cakes and only a very tiny amount of chocolate in my treat cupboard - aaarrggh! I'll just have to make up for the lack of sweeties by keeping extra busy!!!

1 comment:

misteejay said...

You have been busy.

Love those book marks.

Toni xx