Thursday, 2 June 2011

Scrap Box Distress Call!

Last night, whilst searching fruitlessly for a particular shade of patterned paper, I felt suddenly overwhelmed by the contents of my scrapbox. In fact, I could have wept. So many bits of paper building up, spilling over the top, drowning me in scraps (slight exaggeration here), with no planned use for any of them. I was distraught (again, a slight exag). I had to do something.

So I set about choosing some random pieces and turning them from this:

Into this:

And finally this:


My mission in life, more than ever, is to work my way through that box until it is nearly empty (I say "nearly", as I don't think it will ever be completely scrap-free!).

Wish me luck!!


misteejay said...

What a lovely selection of flowers Debbie. Unfortunately, the nature of a scrap box is that you will add to it as well as use from it. Still, I think you did a grand job using the bits you did.

Toni xx

Allison said...

lovely tags- scared to go through my scrap boxes they are a mess

Hayley said...

I love it! I'm drowning in little scraps too and the thought of going through them all makes my head spin! Thanks for your inspiration :o)
Have a great weekend
Hayley xxx