Monday, 9 May 2011

Art Attack

It was a very pleasant weekend, in between rain showers. Himself took me for a lovely meal at A Room in the Town on Saturday night, and yesterday we had a meander around the Dean Gallery and adjacent Modern Art gallery. Every time we do this we have a debate about what constitutes "art" and we always decide that, in the main, anything classed as "modern" art is generally (rude word coming up) poop! But on a rainy day these galleries are good places to go and the coffee and scones are pretty enjoyable too!

I've been coming up with my own "art", a new ACEO featuring Fred and Ginger:

and a set of tags for making Father's Day cards:

To me, true art is some of the fabulous items that can be found in places such as Folksy (not necessarily including my own creations, ahem!) and Etsy - you can tell just by looking that they have the heart and soul of their creator poured into every fibre, stitch or bead. Wibble!

Is it just me that doesn't get "modern art"? Am I missing something? Or am I just not intelligent enough to understand it??

Answers on a postcard please!


Ruthie said...

Apparently anything that has been "made as art" IS art! So I am just gonna go and empty the bin artistically....that'll be performance art I guess! Unless I empty the bin on the floor - then the result will be an art installation!
I was with a councillor once who said that, in his opinion, anything that got people talking had merit! Wow - X Factor must be top notch then!

Loving the "art"!


misteejay said...

Love your latest pieces.

Toni xx