Friday, 13 May 2011


After taking an unscheduled leave of absence, I'm a little tentative about posting in case Blogger throws a hairy and deletes things as it apparently did earlier. I hope everyone whose posts disappeared managed to get them back!!

I've had a busy week, with not much time for crafting, but I've tried to make up for that today. Unfortunately the projects I've been tackling are mainly commissions which can't be shown yet. One of them is for my increasingly self-sufficient friend Michelle, who kindly gave me a tomato plant and a cucumber plant last time we met.

I'm so un-green-fingered that I don't even know which is which, but they look like healthy little plants, so if I can only keep them that way, I should soon be carving my first cucumber!!

The other piece of veg in my life right now is the character I've created to put on my new business cards:

It's a crafty mushroom! (For those not in the "know", crafty mushrooms are ones which are sneakily added to recipes without mushroom-hating eating-partner realising, because the cook loves mushrooms and wants them in her food no matter what!!)



misteejay said...

Love your mushroom - so cheeky looking.

I'm not very green fingered either - plants in this house soon learn they have to fend for themselves LOL

I was lucky I didn't lose any posts but I've lost a lot of lovely comments from before Blogger had its hissy-fit - such a shame.

Toni xx

Allison said...

fab mushy
I even managed to kill an air plany once!

averilpam said...

Good luck with your cucumber plant. I am growing one this year in my tiny greenhouse. Last time I grew one it took over and had to be tied up to the roof, it grew like a long vine! Most of the cukes were yummy, though tiny but a few were bitter, I'm not sure why.

paulfcockburn said...

I'm not an expert in such things, but if they live long enough, and one starts growing an odd tomato or two, then I'm guessing that'll probably be the tomato plant.

Sarpreet said...

i think blogger doing a funny turn - helped us all learn in a new way. You can keep up to date with their twitter updates. And they are restoring posts and comments.