Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Busy But Fun! (and lots of links!)

This is the first time my bottom has touched a seat today because, right from the start, it's been jam-packed with Things To Do.

I was up early to perform my essential ablutions (ahem) and do housework.

Then a brisk walk along to the chemist's and back, nearly being blown away by the wind in the process.

Back at home, I gathered some stock to top up with at Kimz where she kindly sells some of my cards and other bits and bobs for me.

Then it was off to the shops where I spent more than I care to think about on toiletries for my up-coming hols (am I really so vain as to need so many products??).

Then my grocery shopping and the grabbing of a quick lunch in the car. I think I hardly chewed, I was in such a hurry.

After that to the aforementioned Kimz where we nattered to Vanessa and Gill and I deposited my cards. Kim and I also discussed the stall we're joining forces to have at an event in the Livingston branch of Matalan a week on Sunday. It's a fashion show to raise funds for a local special needs nursery and there will be other stalls and discounts for shoppers, etc. It should be good fun.

I left amidst a torrential downpour and then rushed to go swimming before the pool got too busy (I like having as much space as possible, can't abide being splashed!). Swam 36 lengths and really enjoyed it.

Then I came home, wiped bird poo off my car, put my shopping away and finally sat down to have a coffee and a doughnut.

Now it's time to craft! On the agenda is the designing of images for wedding and engagement cards. A little like this one:

Last night I sweated for hours over a wedding cake image, trying to come up with little characters to add to it. I finally got there in the end, so hopefully the next few designs won't be so much of a strain to produce!

Wow, this has been a long entry for me! Apologies to those who are yawning after reading the blow-by-blow account of my day. It's just that busy days often aren't fun ones, and I've enjoyed this one so far!!

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misteejay said...

What a busy that card.

I was the only manager in the office today as the other two are off training for a couple of days. I think the gremlins wait until it is just me and then they go to town.

Glad you have enjoyed your day - I'm too tired to even think about mine LOL

Toni xx