Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sun, Sea and Sand

Well, hasn't this been a weekend of the most fantastic weather in living memory (almost)? I was lucky enough not to be working and I made the most of it! Yesterday I had a lovely, summery lunch at my parents', where I guzzled my first strawberries of the year, then Himself and I slathered on the Factor 15 (we've been told it should really have been 30, oops!) and took a walk in Lauriston Castle Gardens where we investigated the Japanese Garden, which was a riot of colour:

Then we watched genteel folk playing croquet on the castle lawn, and quizzed them about the rules of the game (I came away none the wiser):

Care for a game of croquet on the lawn, M'Dear? Oh, rat-her, Your Lordship!

After that we joined the reddened flesh-bearing masses down at Silverknowes and enjoyed ice cream and the scorchio weather whilst walking along the "promenade":

View across to Cramond Island. Mad people swimming.
Today, Himself and I took a trip to Dunbar to have lunch with his parents and to say hello to his sister who was visiting from London. In the late afternoon, H, his Mum, his Sister and I went for a walk on the beach where, once again, the world and his dog were soaking up the rays.

The walk to the beach was idyllic.
Then I got to do this:

So refreshing!

On the way back my companions sat on a wibbly seat:

After that it was back to their house for a lazy hour or so laughing looking at old photos of Himself and his siblings on family holidays, titter!

And what about crafting? Well I've been too busy enjoying the Great Outdoors really, but I have done a spot of monkeying around:

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NOfkantsCurios said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks as though it was a wonderful day!

Natalie x