Thursday, 6 May 2010

Farmyard Friends

Well, I've now made it through four days without having a cup of coffee, which is a record for me. After having a couple of, aherm, digestive incidents recently, I've decided, by a process of elimination to work out which part of my diet triggers these occurences. So this week it's caffeine, next week I might try and go without chocolate (horrors!) It's been surprisingly easy to have a break from the old Nescafe. In fact it's felt quite "cleansing".

Right, enough about my digestion, onto the cards. I'm currently putting together sets of cards featuring cute farm animals of my own creation. I used to make animal toppers to sell years ago and I've decided to try again. Each one is individually hand-drawn so it's quite a lot of work but I enjoy the process.
So far, I've completed some Percy Pig cards:

Or maybe that should be Phillippa Pig as the theme is a bit pink and girly!

Cow cards coming next! See you soon.

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