Sunday, 30 May 2010

Preparing to Craft..

I can't believe I'm contemplating putting the heating on this evening :o( It's just wrong to need to do that at the end of May, isn't it? I'm hoping that I'll soon be so focussed on crafting (this is the first time I've sat down at my desk in a few days) that I won't notice the chill. Or else the hot water bottle might need to come out!
It's been a pleasant couple of days. Friday night was Card Night at Kim's and there were laughs aplenty ( as well as a lot of sniffleage from me - hay fever?) but the sum total of my productivity was these:

I think I must have had my "squint eye" on when taking this pic!

Yesterday Himself and I met up at John Lewis' cafe' with his cousin and his cousin's wife and wee girl who were visiting from Doncaster. Then it was back to mine for me and H,with a M&S Dine in for £10 meal and the Eurovision Song Crapfest. Why we bother with such excruciatingly tactical piffle I'll never know, but maybe the wee glass of white wine that accompanied our meal helped ease the cringes!

Today was a sat-fat-laden fried brekkie at Asda cafe' to start with, followed by a doze-session and then a walk in a newly-discovered (for us) part of Livingston. And now I am keen to craft. The only other card I have to show you at the moment is one I made for a friend who recently passed a very important test:

I don't know where I got those letter stickers but they have a tendency to peel back off so I hope it didn't read " we on" by the time it reached her!

See you soon!


Sarpreet said...

gorgeous selection of cards - i put on the heating! i was so cold - i am guilty as charged :(

Lesley said...

love the cup cakes!!! best wishes Lesley x