Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Break

Hi all, hope you had a lovely Easter! I have certainly enjoyed the break and I particularly relished the experience of chomping the ears off this little chap:

Himself and I undertook our usual Easter tradition of going for a walk (this time it was in Vogrie Country Park) and then sitting in the car with a flask of coffee and our chocolate eggs, etc. The weather was mild and there was sunshine and blue sky - yay!!

We also booked a spring break for May - we're going to Krakow in Poland so I'm really looking forward to exploring somewhere new! I know the weather won't be tropical but that doesn't matter, we plan to do a lot of walking so I'll take plenty of layers and good non-blister-causing shoes!!

Talking of tropical, how about a little warmth courtesy of these bright cards I've made?

I enjoyed all the pastel colours I used for my spring items but it's fun to use something a bit more "zesty" too!


misteejay said...

I had some mini versions of those bunnies (still got one).

Love those bright & cheery cards - the citrus colours work so well.

Toni xx

Allison said...

lovely bright cards- hope you enjoy Poland

famfa said...

Ahh Poland. Lovely. Enjoy. Great bright cards x