Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Weekend in Food

I don't know if any of you watch that programme, "Secret Eaters"? Well, there's nothing secret about the eating I've been doing this weekend! It seems to have been a main feature of the last couple of days and crafting has taken a backseat!!

We did take a mini microspule of exercise to burn off  000000000.1 of the excess calories consumed, by going for a canal walk, and were heartened to see the daffodils finally starting to open.  

We didn't eat said daffodils but they were about the only thing that DIDN'T get scoffed this weekend!!

Himself cooked me a fabulous veggie dish on Saturday night - Cauliflower cheese and spinach pasta bake:

I had second helpings, it was so delish!

And today we joined a queue of 30 000 people and stood in the rain for ever to obtain these:

A doughnut-making emporium has recently opened near us and it would seem that the novelty is nowhere near wearing off for the local population. They certainly were yummy (we didn't eat them all ourselves, they were shared with Himself's brother and family!!) but I don't know if I would be keen to experience the chaotic queue and Wacky Races car park ever again!!!

After this, it was a slightly more wholesome lunch with H's family at a local farm shop cafe, although we did finish the meal with more cake!!!!

This evening I experienced a slight tinge of "craft desk rage" when, after being enraged by some computer problems, I then spilt a tray, containing hundreds of paper scraps, all over the floor! I proceeded to kick the tray, in a temper, and hurt my toe!! Wah!! I was soooo tempted to reach for another doughnut, but I didn't. I'm so proud of myself! (not really)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must heft my considerably enlarged rear portion out of my chair and fetch some paper so that I may continue to fulfil an order for lots of birdy cards - they are my favourite thing to make!


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Clare said...

Those doughnuts do look delish, but pleased to hear that you shared them and didn't eat them all yourself, tee hee. Loving the bird design.

Jumbleberries xx