Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Taking Stock...

It's been a bit snowy here, on and off, although it's never come to much, luckily. Most of the weekend was taken up with watching rugby, but we did take the chance to have a long walk on Sunday, culminating in a stop-off at an Italian cafe and the biggest brunch ever!

The foccacia roll was the size of Bolivia - near enough! I think I'm still recovering from it now!!

Craftwise I've been taking stock of all my products in preparation for a couple of shopping parties that friends are having. My brain threatened to explode but, upon making a comprehensive list on the computer, it became much clearer to see what I have to make to fill the gaps!

Things like this, ready for Mother's Day and spring:

I love being able to use all these pretty, fresh colours after such a long, bleak winter!!


Clare said...

Loving all those Spring inspired items. Beautiful, fresh colour on a grey snowy day!

Jumbleberries xx

famfa said...

Lovely. Love the owl especially. Nice brunch