Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Year's Worth of Cards...

I always to like to hear about other people's crafty hobbies because I know what it's like to really LOVE making things. And I'm impressed when it's a craft that I don't think I could ever have the skill to tackle myself. So when my friend, Emma, who makes pottery, said she could make me a cat-shaped door number plaque for my house, I was thrilled:

You can tell that my house is number 37, right? :)

I've seen other items that Emma has made and she has a real knack for it. In fact she's at the stage where she has a houseful of pottery and doesn't know what to do with it! I suggested she set up an online shop or attend some craft fairs, just to see how it goes. So fingers crossed for her! 

I'm a bit the same, a houseful of cards and papery items, but I've delighted to say I've been kept very busy with sales and orders so far this month, including a lovely, regular customer who has ordered her whole year's supply of birthday cards for friends and family in one go as she is moving abroad and wants to take them with her! So that's 31 cards and they need to be done by 28th Feb! I'm about a third of the way through, can I make it in time???

The order is taking up most of my time at the mo, but I know there's a special occasion not far off, and I need some cards to put in my shops, so I've prepared one or two:

Anyway, back to my birthday cards, see you soon!

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Allison said...

fab cards and love your door number