Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I'm so sorry I'm being such a sporadic blogger at the moment, please bear with me! I've been very busy making stock for my craft fairs but haven't any photos to show just now.  I really hope the fairs are a success, not just for the charities involved but for all the crafters who work so hard on their products. I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet (shame on me!) but I hope to begin at the fairs as I'm determined that all gifts this year shall be hand-crafted by talented artisans!!

Today I went to a friend's for a crafting session; it's been a while since I had a sociable craft sesh and it was really enjoyable, I got lots made and the cupcakes she provided really helped with motivation, hee hee!

I'm quite liking the autumnal colours of these little bird bookmarks I've made, just the thing when you're snuggling under a throw on the sofa to read a favourite book during the cold, dark evenings! :)


The-crafty-corner said...

These bookmarks are fabby.im sure they will sell ! I know what hard work it is making stock for a fair-i virtually abandoned my little Blog while i was doing the same !Hope you do well :) xx

misteejay said...

Love the Autumn colours Debbie.

Hope you do really well at your craft fayres and the you manage to do all your Christmas shopping.

Toni xx