Sunday, 25 November 2012

Craft Fairs Over :(

Well, that's the second of my Christmas Craft Fairs over with now and, like the last one, I really enjoyed it. Attendance wasn't bad at all and I had a few wee sales and nattered with other crafters (and had lots of coffee and biscuits to ward off the chill in the hall!) I think next year, if I do more sales (and I'm hoping to!!) I will need to work on the layout of my stall as I feel it looks a little "flat":

This pic was taken by my Dad - he did well getting it to come out considering that half the lights in the hall weren't switched on for the first part of the day - ooops! It was a little crepuscular - my fave word! - until someone thought to switch them on, then we were dazzled by the brightness!!

Today I have been kicking back and relaxing - well, if you call spending most of the day in the kitchen "relaxing", I have! I made tomato relish for my cheese sandwiches, stuffed aubergines and rice for my dinner and jammy oaty flapjacks to, er, feed my face with whenever I feel peckish!!

Flapjacks fresh from the oven!!

I must also share with you this prize I won on the tombola at last week's fair. I'm not entirely sure who made it but it's a bottle cover and it's sooo cute!



famfa said...

Glad you did well at the fairs. Bottle cover lovely - did you drink the contents? Hope you solve your 'flatness' problem c

Debbie said...

Yes, bottle was empty, a wee drink was enjoyed after the fair, lol!

misteejay said...

Lovely bottle cover.

Glad you did well at the fayre.

Toni xx