Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Every Cloud....

It was production-line central round here a couple of days ago, when I made a load of tealight packs and tissue boxes for my friend's home shopping event:

I went along to help at the event - unfortunately it was very quiet and only three people turned up in seven hours, which was disappointing but she is running it again today and tomorrow so hopefully that means two more chances for it to be busy! And if nothing of mine sells at least I'll have loads of stock for my other craft fairs! (Every cloud has a silver lining and all that!)

Today I've been baking again, rock cakes this time:

I've also revamped my wee calendars as I discovered the magnetic part was being prevented from sticking to anything metal by the wee binder clip I'd put at the top.  So I've replaced it with ribbon which means the calendar has the option of being hung up if preferred and the magnets will stick fine to fridges/filing cabinets, etc now! 

I'd thought the binder clips looked pretty but they can always be used for something else.  It's all part of the design process!


misteejay said...

Love your latest batch of goodies Debbie.

Toni xx

L-A said...

Your stuff is really pretty

The-crafty-corner said...

Oooh your crafty makes are lovely-sorry you didn't have too many visitors,but as you say its lovely already having stock made up for the next event ! Good idea to swap the clip for the ribbon ! :) xx