Friday, 22 June 2012

Rain Rain Go Away...!!

I went swimming yesterday and it was fab - there was only one other person and me in the pool!  I've never known it so quiet, perhaps the rain was keeping everyone away? Perhaps there was so much rain that people were able to go swimming at the bottom of their gardens without even having to come to the pool??!  Whatever the reason, I enjoyed myself although I'm a bit out of condition and swallowed half the water in the process - bleurgh!

In an attempt to brighten things up craft-wise, I've revamped my birds and cupcakes so that making them involves using up even MORE tiny scraps!

The problem is that now I'm left with scraps smaller then an atom - I refuse to throw them away though - I still need to use them up somehow!! :)


misteejay said...

I refuse to go to our local pool/gym as everytime I went I ended up with a chest infection (obviously not the most healthy of places).

I love your toppers, they are always so bright & cheery.

Have a fab weekend.

Toni xx

Jumbleberries said...

Those toppers are fab Debbie, really bright and colourful!

Have a great weekend.

Jumbleberries xx

famfa said...

Beautiful work, inventive use of scraps. Umm nos what to do with those tiny pieces. Bet you'll work it out x