Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I was hoping to join in with Meet Me on Monday this week, but I've left it a bit late, so now I'm going to have to do a What Have I Been Up To Wednesday!

So I've been:

Eating - yummy pasta in a red pesto sauce with Quorn sausages mixed through on a bed of rocket!

Helping - my friend to decorate an arch with paper flowers for her daughter's upcoming gala day appearance!

Walking - in Roslin Glen Country Park The weather was showery but we were well-prepared with anoraks and brolly, and, squelchy mud aside, there was something very cleansing and refreshing about walking in the dampness! We also had a good poke around the ruins of Roslin Castle and felt a slight touch of vertigo on the walkway which had a very steep drop either side! 

We walked up to Rosslyn Chapel too, but it wasn't very photogenic, being as it was covered in scaffolding! We didn't even go in for a coffee as we'd brought our own in a flask to have in the car!

An interesting rocky "orifice" spotted on our walk along by the river!

Making - a commissioned wedding card featuring my "surprised" bears!

Feeling - chilly - roll on holidays!!!!


famfa said...

Lovely photos of your walk. Fabulous card. Love your surprised bears.

misteejay said...

Beautiful photos Debbie and that pasta does look very yummy.

The card is so sweet - lovely!

Toni xx

famfa said...

Thanks for visiting. If you do try the scones remember its A Canadian one with their ingredients. I struggle to make English recipes work over here. Good luck though, let me know if they work x

Debbie said...

Will do! Looking forward to trying them! x

Allison said...

fab photos and visiting Rosslyn Chapel is on my to do list! love the bear card

Jumbleberries said...

Sorry, manage to miss your WHIBUTW post last week....

Your photos of your walk are great - I love walking in the rain, providing I'm prepared of course, complete with flask of coffee.

Jumbleberries xx