Friday, 27 April 2012

Recent Card Creations

No entrants for my giveaway yet? Don't be shy, there will be some very cute items up for grabs! (although what they are is a secret!!) Don't miss out on the Crafty Mushroom fabness!! ;o)

A couple of cards to show before I plunge into an afternoon of (I hope) creativity!

The first card made using my new tool designs:

This was given to Himself's nephew for his recent birthday but it would be suitable for big boys as well as little boys!

And for gardeners of the female persuasion, this is available in my shop:

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Jumbleberries said...

Loving your new cards. It's been a bit quiet on the up-take for my Giveaway too! Perhaps everyone is giveaway-ed out??

Have a fab weekend.

Jumbleberries xx

Allison said...

they are both so cute, espeically the little bear
Have a great weekend

famfa said...

Try and visit as many blogs as you can and mention your giveaway too. It might help. I didn't get many either. Good luck, I'm sure they will come entering once they know x