Friday, 25 November 2011

Post-it Crazy!

With just over a week to go until the next Craft Fair, I decided it was high time I made some more stock! So I've been going a bit post-it crazy!

These cute little post-it books are inspired by this clever lady and are great fun to make!

I tried to make some bigger ones too, but the post-its were quite heavy and kept unsticking from the backing card so I decided to hold them in place with a bookring instead:

I've also been making loads of other things; no pics yet, but they are items in the same "vein" as this little calendar:

Right, I'd better get back to work. Those papercrafts won't make themselves you know!! :)


Allison said...

ooh they are all lovely , hope the fair goes well

misteejay said...

Gosh you have been busy again Debbie - lovely gift extras.

Toni xx