Monday, 24 January 2011

Sob! Sniffle! Waaaaahhhh! :(

Well, that's it folks, as of Saturday past, the little shop where I worked and spent three happy years has ceased to trade. Poop. We've spent the last couple of days clearing out the last of the fittings and fixtures and now it is little more than a shell. Sad, indeed. To commemerate the end of an era, we indulged in an enjoyable night out on Saturday with our friends from Cotton Traders, whose shop is directly opposite ours; it involved pizza, alcoholic beverages and much merriment. A fitting end to our time together. And I don't think I embarrassed myself (much).

So now it's back to the job search and some crafting. I've made tags to put in with customer orders:

And a new Little Horse card for the Folksy shop:

He's quite a cute fellow!

And to those of you who were concerned; I'm not really going to give Himself the reject Valentine's card with the gluey splodge on it! That wouldn't be very romantic now, would it??!


misteejay said...

Glad you were able to have a 'bit of a do' and I'm sure youdidn't do anything untoward LOL

Love the horse card - soooooo cute.

Toni :o)

Ruth said...

:-( :-( :-(
So sad Debbie. Take it from me though, amazing things could come out of it though. Thinking of you all xxx