Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Back To Work

Yes, after a very enjoyable and to-do-list-conquering week off, I am now back to working the day job. Can't complain really, because it did feel like I was off for aaaages! I am pleased with what I achieved - 80% of my Christmas cards made, Secret Santa gift almost complete, car serviced and MOT'd, friends caught up with, registration with the library (hooray!) and the dentist (boo!) in my new area, etc etc.

And to top it all, a very pleasant weekend. Went to see Himself's family (including Very Cute Nephew), followed by a Body Shop partaay at my friend Clare's on Saturday, and then a visitation from my family on Sunday, at which we ate my home-made Bounty Balls and Butterscotch Bars! It really has been all go!

There has been some creating, including these Little Tree gift tags, which will be going into my Folksy shop.

And an update on my giveaway - many thanks to all who have entered so far and have left such lovely comments. Tonight I am going to work on the MYSTERY part of the prize and results will be announced on Thursday. There's still time to enter, so don't be shy!

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misteejay said...

Well done you on getting so much done - those tags are really lovely.

Toni :o)