Monday, 26 October 2009

A Load of Old Waffle

Ah, yes, feeling much better now, thank you, after my little "off"-day. In fact, by Friday I'd recovered sufficiently to be able to attend the Hobbycraft show at the SECC with my craft friend V. We'd vowed not to spend much money. We both broke our vow. Oh well. It was an enjoyable day and for once we didn't have to wear full body armour in order to survive the crowds of determined crafters who were jostling around all the demo areas. There were some fab products and sample cards on display. My favourite stand had to be the Craftwork Cards one, where I bought some goodies:

V and I both bought these cute owl/birdie stamps because the cards they'd made with them were sooo nice. V also introduced me to the "delights" of Cut-n- Dry foam, which should "revolutionise" my stamping, thanks to it's many uses! And I couldn't resist more candy dots, in festive colours.

When our feet were sore and our brains were jellified, we called it a day. In the evening I had a very nice time at A's house while our other halves indulged in a Mexican-themed evening, complete with huge sombreros and margaritas. A and I had a rather more sedate evening of chat, but we did manage to eat more jalapeno "poppers" than our wussy menfolk!

This weekend I have had not one but two delicious meals cooked for me by Himself - his culinary skills know no bounds! And, in the name of culture, we spent a chilly autumn afternoon perusing the works on display at the National Gallery of Modern "Art" and pretending to be pretentious art snobs, when in fact we were snorting with derision at the sight of a lump of plaster someone had thrown at a wall and named "Creation of the Universe" or some such piffle. After that, a visit to H's brother's place to coo over the VCB and to deliver a 30th birthday card:

I decided to go slightly "avant garde" with this one and make it into a criss cross pocket card with a pull-out tabbed insert.

Or, in other words, a juxtaposition of colour and form, combining the ordered geometry of straight lines and the free-flowing curvaciousness of ethereal colour, which can be analogous to the fragility of the human condition.

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ros said...

wow this is really gorgeous. i love the goodies uve bought too