Monday, 12 October 2009


Ooh miss-us! One's noggin feels a little "delicate" today, shall we say. That's what comes of "larging it" (ahem) until the small hours and having my first drinky-poos for quite some time at the wedding yesterday, and then shopping til I dropped in a birthday -money -splash-out fest today! I'm not used to this wild living! But, balloon-head aside, it's been very enjoyable and today doesn't even feel like a Monday because I'm on holiday! Woop! I'm hoping to take the rest of the day at a slower pace, however, maybe do some crafting if I'm lucky. Then I'll be packing for my couple of days away and hopefully getting a GOOOOD night's sleep!

Can't believe I used a peel-off! Horrors! Stamp is by Woodware. I had no time to make this in really so had to keep it simple.

Right, that's enough, I'm off for a lie-down. Byeeeee!

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Fairy Heaven said...

Spooky!!!! This card is almost identicle to a wedding sample I made for a wedding show about 6 weeks ago right down to the colours and the gems!!! What good taste we have lol!