Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Productivity and Slurpability!

I had another great session of embellishment-making this morning:

My plan is for them to end up on tissue boxes, tealight packs and bookmarks, a bit like these:

And I semi-prepped a whole load of tealight packs (I can't finish them until I have tealights!):

I really enjoyed my dinner tonight - Sausage and black bean pot

Made with veggie sausages, it was delish!!


Jumbleberries said...

Loving all your embellishments as usual. Especially love the idea of the tea-light packs and was just about to leave a comment when I spied a link to your tea-light pack tutorial. Perfect! Thats defo going on my "stuff to make for Xmas" pack. Thanks for sharing.

Jumbleberries. xx

The-crafty-corner said...

Cooo you have been busy Debbie ! Love the embellishments-and your tea looks delish mmm will try that recipe thank you(we are all Vegetarians and one Vegan here ) :) xx :)