Monday, 14 December 2009

Getting Worried Now...

Only 11 sleeps til Santa and I'm nowhere near on track with my making-of-christmas-presents plan. Arg! I do this to myself year after year and never learn! Sigh. At least I was a tiny bit organised on Sunday when we went for a "mock" Christmas dinner with Himself's family:

I made a Wild Blossoms calendar to take as a gift for H's mum (pity I'd already put it into a cello bag before I remembered to take a photo of it!)

The meal was scrumpshy and H's Sister had made personalised gingerbread place settings for us all:

A few of them had some unfortunate deformities as a result of becoming conjoined twins in the oven, but I think mine got off lightly. I particularly liked the blue hair!

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