Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bit Embarrassed....

Ahhh, it would seem that summer is well and truly here!! Hope you're all making the most of it! The reason I haven't been around on here much is that I haven't had anything new 'n exciting on the craft front to show you, and, er, I still haven't! I have been making things, but less than usual and most of it has been custom orders or items that have sold in my shops that required remaking. So I'm a bit embarrassed to come on here with nothing to share but I didn't like to stay away any longer!! *blush*

In the non-craft front, I have been doing a spot of baking. The first project was Peanut Butter Flapjacks and although a bit crumbly they taste fine:

Then I cheated and used a pre-prepared mix to make Red Velvet cupcakes:

I think I need to work on my presentation a bit! First off, I MUST get myself a piping bag!! They may look dodgy but they taste good!!

Yesterday no crafting was undertaken at all; it was just TOO lovely outside. Himself and I took ourselves off to sit in Princes Street Gardens and watch the world go by:

Very pleasant indeed!

And, oh, I've just realised, I HAVE made some new things this week - I made four new designs for that period of time that begins with "C" and occurs in December! I'm pleased with how they came out but I don't think I can show them yet, it doesn't feel right on such a summery day! As soon as the sun goes away I'll give you a peek!!


Lesley said...

peanut flap jacks and the red velvet cup cakes look delicious - best wishes Lesley x

sachin bhardwaj said...

Ficus Trees