Sunday, 16 June 2013

Vacuum Cleaner Traumas!

This week I've had a sick old cat to deal with, extra hours at the day job keeping me busy and an anniversary meal to commemorate the five years that Himself and I have been together.  On the actual day of our anniversary, H offered to fix my vacuum cleaner as the motor had gone, and we thought it would be a fairly easy job to replace it with a new one rather than have me fork out for another cleaner.  An instructional video on YouTube showed a man replacing the motor in eight minutes, and the parts "slid out" here and "eased off" there - easy job!

Five hours later, and the job was finally finished. So, nearly, were we! None of the bits came off or prised apart as smoothly as they were supposed to and when H had put it all back together, the vac didn't have any suction so he had to take it apart and start all over again! It was very stressful. But I admired his persistence and determination to get it fixed for me. And fix it he did. It is now working like a new machine!

I was so grateful to him that I made him a card featuring the situation and hoped he'd see the funny side.

Luckily he did!!!

I also made a card for a friend who has reached the big 3-0; she has pets so it was easy to work out what to put on the card!

And finally, a card for my Dad, who has always been a great support to me in everything I have done in life; of course, it just had to feature cats on it!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!


misteejay said...

Glad your cleaner is fixed (I think if my other half had started something like that I'd be waiting for a window repairman because it would have been thrown LOL)

Lovely collection of cards.

Toni xx

Allison said...

hehe great hoover tale and card