Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lack of Activity!

 I seem to have spent most of this past week sitting at a desk (my day job desk and my craft desk alternately) so my rear end is probably enlarging to the size of Jupiter with the lack of physical activity! However, most of it hasn't felt like work really, not when the result of so much sitting is things like this:

I love making embellishments!

I also discovered some foil printed card in my stash which was too nice to cover up with lots of embellishment, so I made some simple thank you notecards with it:

And, thinking about my parents' upcoming ruby wedding anniversary, I decided there was a lack of cards for such occasions in my shop, so I made one!

This evening, I'm, you've guessed it, sitting at a desk again, but when you're having fun like this, what's the problem?? :)


misteejay said...

It certainly does look like you've been having fun and what fab results.

Toni xx

Mrs Jones said...

I feel the same - sat at work or at the sewing machine! Love your embellishments.

Allison said...

no problem at all when the end result is so cute