Thursday, 23 May 2013


One of my most lovely customers, Mia, often sends me crafty things she thinks I'd like, such as papers, and when I recently asked her about the crafts she does, she told me she knits mitts. Next thing I know,a parcel had plopped through my door and inside were these gorgeous items:

They're soft and intricate and the most stunning colour. I was very touched at her kindness. Unfortunately Mia doesn't have a web page or a blog I can share with you. She really should because her work is lovely!

It took me a little while to get back into the swing of things after my whirlwind holiday, but I've had a couple of good crafty days with new products  making their way into my shops. I have been working with some stunning papers lately and have been so determined not to waste any that I've found myself making "collections" of items that all share the same papers! 

This is my first "collection"! And I'm now working on another which I'll share soon!

In daily life I've been getting back into the routine of the day job and evenings of crafting. Himself and I went to see the film Mud which was really good and then we had pizza!

And today I've been doing one of my favourite things, coffee with a friend and she'd made lovely cheese scones too - yum!

I took the Super Dad mug and let her use the Yummy Mummy one - I'm not sure which category I fit into least!!

Love the plate, don't you? She's as cat-mad as me!!


Allison said...

lovely cards and what a lovely gift to get- bet you get plenty wear out of them before winter sets in again

misteejay said...

Wow, what a super gift - those mitts look beautiful and I love the colour.

Looks like you sure have been busy - love the new collection.

Toni xx

famfa said...

Gorgeous mitts, very intricate. Love your collections - brilliant