Thursday, 30 May 2013

Berry Nice!

I hate to say it but the weather has been dry and warm here for a few days now - yay! In fact, the ground outside my house was looking a little dusty so I spent part of this morning sweeping it! Perhaps I have too much time on my hands! Time that would be better spent crafting! :)

Another good thing is that the shops are becoming full of lovely summer produce so I couldn't resist buying a selection of berries, they look so yummy! 

I have got vanilla ice cream to go with them. Do you prefer cream or ice cream?

Craft-wise I have been more productive than I expected to be this week; so much so that I have actually run out of double-sided tape! Oops! Luckily it didn't happen while I was having a production-line session making this lot...

...into these:

and I used every last millimetre to make these little notecards:

They have been made using a fab digital stamp from this shop - check out her other tree stamps!

I hope the weather is being good where you are, have a great weekend!

1 comment:

famfa said...

Your berries look yummy and I can take ice cream or cream as long as it has cream in it! Lovely work, amazing how much you can make things last when you are running out. Our weather in canada in scorching at the moment, had to put air con on last night. Have a good weekend xx